Poor John Squires: Better to Stay In House and Let Someone Else Handle the Losers

Ahh it was so much easier before the Internet. The universe was so well ordered.
Those in command went about the business of running the world. And little people stayed out of the way.
On the rare occasion when a non-master of the universe[NMOTU] actually rose up to say " please sir that's wrong", a sternly worded letter(often filled with nonsense) would silence the rabble. And there was little they could do about it.
But now anyone tell everyone everything. And that can be very disruptive to those whose business it is to really run things. So the lawyer in me feels a certain amount of pain for John Squires, the newly minted head co-chair of IP at the white shoes law firm Chadbourne blah blah LLP. Oh did I mention that before joining Chadbourne, Mr.Squires was head of IP for Goldman Sachs? Not exactly the AIG Goldman connection but worthy of note.

Suddenly, after just settling in, he gets the " Houston we have a problem" problem.

Here's this [please insert epithet] Mike Morgan, a nobody, a NMOTU, who has decided to start publishing uncomfortable information under the blogsite
One read of this website and nobody, repeat, nobody would think they are reading from the Goldman Sachs hymnal.
Perhaps it was desperation. Perhaps it was the all to common misreading of trademark law by a patent practitioner. Perhaps it was the vibes from the new Yankee stadium.
But Mr.Squires sent Mr. Morgan a pre Internet "get off the face of the earth" letter. Taken from the Jones Day, Monster Cable form book of letters.
And now Goldman has reaped the whirlwind.

Perhaps the masters of the universe( and their lawyers) need to learn other new rules besides the new rules of investing.


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