I mean think of it. Here you are a third wave company awash in money. Trying your best to reshape culture, do good for humanity and oh yeah take over the world. In a post industrial post modern post capitalist post 20th century manner. But the old worn out rules of intellectual property keep making life unduly complicated. Never mind selling trademarks as key words- this is far more important. As owner of YouTube, Google is mulling over whether to oppose the efforts of a company called Netparty LLC to federally register the term JewTube. But wait there's more. Turns out there are two other JewTube sites. One in the UK and another that is indeed a video sharing site for people of the Jewish faith.

So what's Google to do? Take the view that we MUST squash you folks to protect our very very very valuable YouTube name? And the PR bloodbath? Well of course that's just post modern post everything business.

Ain't trademark law amazin.


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