What Lawyers Can Learn From Costco

Let me set the scene for you. Big(well kinda) law firm retreat. Much knashing of teeth and searching of souls. How do we adapt to the new realities? For some the answer was "Can't we just do things like we always have?" One of the younger partners, a rainmaker, said "When our clients think of us I want them to think- Damn right the're expensive, and the're worth it."

Well perhaps there is another path.

If you've shopped at Costco you know that they offer very good merchandise at very fair prices. And they do so with friendly, employees, a cheerful shopping environment and rock solid customer support. The most recent edition of the COSTCO CONNECTION, their shopping newsletter, contains a profile of the Board of Directors, with their comments on the management style of the company. In a nutshell: the highest ethical standards and a relentless focus on serving needs, while treating customers and each other with dignity and respect.

Need I say more?


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